The beautiful historic Fairview Inn was completed in 1923 to serve the accommodation needs of travelers as they traveled between Seward and Fairbanks on the newly constructed Alaska Railroad.  President Warren Harding visited the Fairview in 1923 when he returned from the ceremonial opening of the railroad in Nenana.  Rumor has it that Harding dined and received a haircut while at the Fairview.  Harding died shortly after his visit to Alaska spurring rumors that he might have been poisoned while dining at the Fairview.  The Inn has been a favorite meeting place for many of the old timers over the years and whether they are still with us today or not, many of them are memorialized by portraits that grace the Fairview walls.  During the spring and summer months the town bustles with an international crowd of mountain climbers seeking to summit North America’s tallest mountain, Denali.  After their climb many of them can be found at the Fairview telling tales of their adventures.  The Inn is also a favorite place for many talented musicians to come and play, including legends such as John Denver.  The Fairview is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a contributing property to Talkeetna Historic District.   The Fairview Inn is one of the oldest bars still operating in Alaska.

In addition to the bar there are 7 rooms for rent that share two bathrooms and a popular Beer Garden outside.  The Fairview Inn is locally owned and operated but is considered by many to “belong” to the town of Talkeetna.  A place well worth visiting!  We look forward to seeing you here!