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July 26th - Open Mic

July 27th - Cami from Miami

July 28th - Nothin’ But Trouble

July 29th - Norm and Mario

July 31st - Michael Kirkpatrick and Violet Pilot

August 2nd - Open Mic

August 3rd - Days n Daze

August 4th - Valley Riff Raff

August 5th - Zero Miles till Empty

August 9th - Open Mic

August 10th - Karaoke

August 11th - Valley Below

August 12th - Scott Clay Band

August 13th - Mario Carboni

August 14th - J Wagner 

August 16th - Open Mic

August 17th - Karaoke

August 18th - Roland Roberts 

August 19th - Chamberliners (beer garden 7-10:30) Will Balcao (10:30- 1:30 inside)

August 23rd - Open Mic

August 24th - Karaoke

August 25th - Braided River

August 26th - Ukulele Russ

August 31st - Mario Carboni

September 1st - Zen Trembles

September 2nd - Milo Matthews Trio

September 6th - Open Mic

September 8th - Harp Daddy featuring Madeline Smith

September 9th - Danger Money

September 13th - Open Mic

September 16th - I Like Robots

September 20th - Open Mic

September 22nd - Darrell Gleason

September 23rd - Glacier Blues band

September 27th - Open Mic

September 30th - Evolution of a Thursday